The Collagen Stimulator For A Natural Facelift

The Collagen Stimulator For A Natural Facelift

Throughout life, our skin is subjected to the skin’s UVA rays – the main cause of loosening our Collagen fibres, which work together with Elastin to keep skin tight and elastic without sagging.

In our youth, our collagen levels are present in high density, but as we age the collagen breaks down and is lost. If improving the elasticity in your skin is important to you, then read on.

Advances in medical technology have enabled a new family of dermal fillers that act like a bio-stimulator for Collagen, to boost production once again. Whats more, this collagen producing action can last for up to four years, which makes it extremely different to other dermal fillers. It is just like winding back the clock.

As a patient, you have the choice of how long you want your collagen boosted for. A personalised treatment based on your needs.

Your Skin Knows What To Do Next

A natural facelift which works in combination with your body, which knows exactly what to do with Ellanse, making it an agreeable product for men and women who want a gel that is completely compatible.

Have we mentioned yet, that Ellanse slows down the appearance of wrinkles whilst collagen is being replenished? So you may never meet your wrinkles face to face in the mirror. It’s completely magical and the legacy of years and years of research and testing. No skin tests are required to use Ellanse either – it’s extraordinarily resorbed by your body.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Ellanse, you’re probably waiting for an introduction to the range. If you’re starting to see the first signs of ageing, a mild dermal filler such as Ellanse S is perfect for beginners. With effects lasting up to one year you’re able to trial your experiences and how you get on, before stepping up a gauge with Ellanse M reaping 2 years of collagen boosting skin activity.

For more intense, longer lasting results, Ellanse L and Ellanse E miraculously work on boosting collagen for up to 4 years. Imagine living youthfully again without having to think about a top up treatment to prolong your beauty for nearly half a decade. Ellanse enables you to live a normal life without making ageing skin an issue.

The Science Behind Collagen

Understanding the science behind how your skin structure works can make you less naive and more in control of the preventative measures to stop ageing. For instance knowing what collagen looks like, what its role is and how you can prolong helps to keep it in best shape.


Think of Collagen as scaffolds of straw to hold the skin firmly up in place. Once the powerful UV Ray’s destroy the straw, they fall down, making skin sag and loosen. When you see these signs through your reflection, you can affirm yourself whether you’re ready to take advantage of a product like Ellanse to lift up the skin, by initiating collagen production once again.

All our Ellanse products are available in 2 x 1 ml or 2 x 0.5 ml. Ellanse S Hands and Ellanse M Hands are uniquely specialised for just your hands.

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