Painless Dermal Filler Treatment With LMX4

Painless Dermal Filler Treatment With LMX4

Not every woman will embrace the benefits of a dermal filler. Even out of those who consider a dermal filler, many will resist due to factors such as affordability, safety and pain. Pain being the most popular reason women are hesitant to take that step forward.

Pharmaceutical companies have been introducing all-in-one dermal fillers containing Lidocaine since 2007. It’s surprising how one ingredient can make a product so much more appealing, with Lidocaine products selling faster than those without.

Filler World stock over 30 dermal fillers containing Lidocaine, which are available on our website.

The advantages of a one step dermal filler containing an anaesthetic, reduces the overall time for treatment, making treatment far more efficient. Psychologically, making the whole procedure less daunting for the patient. In addition, recovery time and side effects are minimised.

What’s more, Collagen fillers containing Lidocaine have been proven to result in less swelling and bruising, which is most likely mirrored by a filler containing Hyaluronic Acid. This leads to increased patient satisfaction making dermal fillers containing Lidocaine the perfect lunchtime procedure.

Choosing a Separate Anaesthetic To Your Dermal Filler

So what are the advantages of applying a topical anaesthetic numbing cream prior to dermal filler treatment? The definition for topical means it’s directly applied to the surface of the skin.

If you’re not looking for fast treatment scheduled in between all your meetings and you want to ensure sensation is paused before you enter the treatment room, then applying a topical cream 5 hours before your appointment, then a topical anaesthetic sounds the right choice for you.

For patients who have a preferred dermal filler that is formulated without Lidocaine, opting for a separate anaesthetic is essential. As heroic as any woman with a high pain threshold is, undergoing treatment without any pain control is increasingly uncommon and she deserves to enhance her appearance in a positive and comfortable way.

What Anaesthetic Creams Do Filler Stock?

LMX4 Lidocaine Cream is now in stock on the Dermal Botulinum online store and promises patients 5 hours of numbness which starts working 30 minutes after application. It’s safe enough for children over the age of one month, however the accompanying instructions must be read to acknowledge all contraindications and precautions beforehand.

The benefits of LMX4 Cream are extensive as it is not solely used for dermal filler treatment. It can also be used for pain relief for mouth ulcers, denture irritation and anal problems. It acts on the peripheral nerves by blocking pain.

The cream is available to purchase in two variations, 5g and 30g.

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