Lifelong Knees That Wont Ruin Your Independence

Many patients are willing to do anything to eradicate the pain associated with knee joints. To be able to move freely without excruciating pain is a dream come true for many.

One of the things we take for granted in our youth is the mobility to move around without relying on friends and family for simple small tasks. During our thirties we don’t give a thought to any future knee problems we may face, as our attitude dictates to us that we’ll face that bridge when we come to it.

For many people, the reduced production of natural lubricants around the knee joints is inevitable, causing considerable knee pain as the joints constantly grind together during movement. Wearing of the joints due to low supply of this bodily fluid is not healthy and should be addressed as soon as any knee pain is experienced.

Carrying out simple chores in our thirties, forties and beyond without reeking on family is one the biggest luxuries in life. Maintaining our health can be achieved by eating healthily, particularly good fats in nuts aid the body to produce essential oils to ensure the joint mechanism is operating smoothly.

Affecting How You Live Your Life?

Knee pain can be physically as well as psychologically frustrating, especially when It starts to dictate to you when and where you can’t go and what you can’t do. Finding a solution to an overbearing problem like knee pain is more simple than you may think.

Injecting natural lubricant to substitute for lost hyaluronic acid in your knee joints can provide all the cushioning and support your moving joints require for as long as six months, before subsequent treatments are administered.

Is it Safe?

A common question patients ask before considering knee treatments, is whether it might cause increased pain or adverse side reactions. One of the revolutionary features of orthopaedic products, apart from being non invasive, eliminating the need for any surgery, is their main ingredient – natural non animal based hyaluronic acid which breaks down naturally in the body during metabolism, in the same way your current lubricant would. See our Orthopaedics section for more information on Dermal Btulinum’s range of pain relief.



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